Coffee Fix

Y’all, today’s post has nothing of spiritual value. I just wanted to talk to you about my new kitchen appliance: the Keurig Hot 400-series. Over the past few weeks, I’ve mentioned the Keurig machine probably once a day to anyone who will listen (read: my mother). In an gracious swoop of early Christmas cheer, my parent lugged a big box into my house and said that this was my Christmas present.

It was a Keurig Hot 400series:


Image result for keurig hot k400

Y’all, I am not a huge coffee drinker. I like one cup per day, maybe 1.5 cups at the most. But, I am really proud of my Keurig. Now, I can offer my adult company something to drink other than water, water with Crystal Light mixed in, or lactose-free skim milk. That, and I don’t have to brew a whole pot just for one cup of coffee. And yes, I know, I could brew one cup for much cheaper than buying Keurig cups. But, I make my own money, and I want to spend my money on conveniently packaged coffee pods. You only live once.

Today, I’m going to Eucharistic Adoration. Then, I’m going to Walmart to buy a Keurig cup carousel and sugar-free Coffee Mate vanilla creamer. I have not had this much excitement in my life since I visited a Long Island church for holy hour and confession, while simultaneously hitting the free holy cards jackpot and then stumbling upon a Korean-language bulletin all within 90 minutes.

Life’s amazing.