GUEST POST: Ordinary by Anne Kidder

Today, I am excited to have Anne Kidder, of Kidderbug Kreations, as a guest contributor. Anne is a crafty, Catholic woman who I’ve “met” through Catholic Social Media Influencers. I hope you enjoy her thoughts on the wonderful, ordinary rhythm of the Catholic life.

Ordinary:  A word that is almost looked down upon or used as an apology.  I am an ordinary mom.  I am an ordinary business woman. I am an ordinary Catholic.  Yet none of us are really, truly ordinary.  We are unique and special, even if we don’t often think so.

My kids didn’t come with instruction manuals.  I usually don’t read them, but I sure would have if I had gotten any with my kids!  How many times did I wonder if I was doing the right thing, saying the right thing, or somehow ensuring they wouldn’t need years of therapy?  All moms wonder these things from time to time (or sometimes they wonder these things multiple times a day).  I was an ordinary mom longing to be an extraordinary mom, the mom who had it all together and could volunteer for every school function and have dinner on the table with a happy family sitting at the table every evening while having a spotless home.

pexels-photo-704988.jpeg I learned quickly that I wasn’t super mom and I couldn’t do it all.  Something had to give. Every mom comes to this conclusion at some point and what is given up depends on the needs of her family.  For me, it was a clean house.  I learned that not everything had to be put away every night.  Clean clothes didn’t have to be folded and put away right away. The kitchen counter could be cluttered.  Most days God gave me the grace to look past the clutter and the mess and focus on happy, healthy children.  Some days it got the best of me and I would have a mom tantrum begging for the clutter to be gone.  I was an ordinary mom who didn’t always have it all together.

Now that my kids are in college, I am still an ordinary mom, but have started own business Kidderbug Kreations.  I would love to say I am an extraordinary business owner that has built a multi-million-dollar corporation, but I am just an ordinary business woman trying to provide unique handcrafted gifts for all occasions.  I have the same struggles all business owners have.  Am I doing the right thing, saying the right thing, how will I get all the things done on my to do list?  I am an ordinary mom with my own business.

I am an ordinary Catholic.  While I would love to say I am an amazing Catholic who has been on missions, brought many people to the Lord, and whose faith is unshakeable, but I can’t say that. I struggle with the same things most Catholics do.  Am I doing the right thing, saying the right thing, how can I strengthen my prayer life?  How can I live my life so that when other’s see me, they see God in my actions?  I am an ordinary Catholic who doesn’t have all the answers.

In this life, we will always have questions.  We will always have doubts.  We won’t have all the answers.  We will always be ordinary.  But being ordinary isn’t a bad thing.  Living our ordinary lives and doing small things with great love, makes us extraordinary in God’s eyes.


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