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On the first Sunday of Advent, I had great plans. A few weeks before the beginning of the season, I purchased an Advent journal. It had daily reflections on scriptures, a journaling section, and a daily prayer. I was all about that life: getting up early, reading the reflection, writing my thoughts, having profound thoughts as I prayed. That was, until the week before Christmas approached. From there, it went all to pot. The sheer insanity of the week knocked me off of my course and I didn’t even finish my Advent journal. To throw me into more of a tailspin: I forgot to fill in my Mass readings journal for the Fourth Sunday of Advent and Christmas Day. I had to go back and fill in all of my blanks.

If you can’t tell: I’m a perfectionist. I like to have all of my ducks in a row. If I’m going to do an Advent journal, you had best bet I’m going to finish. Started a Mass journal? I’m going to Mass even if I’m on my death bed, just so I can fill in the reflections. While perfectionism can be great, it can also be (very) detrimental. Often, I feel as if I miss a day of reading the Bible or a time of intentional prayer, I’ve totally failed. It can be very frustrating.

This perfectionism can also distract me from the joy of the coming of Christ. If you’re like me, and you obsess over details, this Christmas season can be a sweet relief. But, you have to let Christ take over. So sit back, relax, and know that you are loved. Even if you didn’t finish your Advent journal.

Merry Christmas!

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