Coffee Fix

Y’all, today’s post has nothing of spiritual value. I just wanted to talk to you about my new kitchen appliance: the Keurig Hot 400-series. Over the past few weeks, I’ve mentioned the Keurig machine probably once a day to anyone who will listen (read: my mother). In an gracious swoop of early Christmas cheer, my parent lugged a big box into my house and said that this was my Christmas present.

It was a Keurig Hot 400series:


Image result for keurig hot k400

Y’all, I am not a huge coffee drinker. I like one cup per day, maybe 1.5 cups at the most. But, I am really proud of my Keurig. Now, I can offer my adult company something to drink other than water, water with Crystal Light mixed in, or lactose-free skim milk. That, and I don’t have to brew a whole pot just for one cup of coffee. And yes, I know, I could brew one cup for much cheaper than buying Keurig cups. But, I make my own money, and I want to spend my money on conveniently packaged coffee pods. You only live once.

Today, I’m going to Eucharistic Adoration. Then, I’m going to Walmart to buy a Keurig cup carousel and sugar-free Coffee Mate vanilla creamer. I have not had this much excitement in my life since I visited a Long Island church for holy hour and confession, while simultaneously hitting the free holy cards jackpot and then stumbling upon a Korean-language bulletin all within 90 minutes.

Life’s amazing.

2 thoughts on “Coffee Fix

  1. CherishingFLo says:

    Girl I am with you. I love keurig machines! And it may be cheaper but it’s just nice not to feel like you’re wasting coffee when you make an entire thing to brew and you waste an extra dish with the coffee pot. Now it’s just coffee to cup. One of my very few expensive tastes! Great post!


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